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Why You Need Public Relations

  • Marketers look to PR for growth.
  • Endorses reputation management and fills the creditability gap, through media coverage.
  • Increases the ROI on your marketing budget.
  • Creates a favourable impression and grows your brand by providing multiple solutions.

Public Relations

  • AT Vogue is strategic, innovative, creative and brand driven. Our traditional and unconventional PR strategies allow your business to stand out in the ‘media clutter’.
    AT Vogue tells your story - we value each customer as a unique entity and recognise your specific needs.
    Our specialisation includes; fostering and nurturing strong media relationships, research, strategic planning and publicity.

Internal communications

  • “To effectively communicate, we must realise that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” Anthony Robbins
    Behind the line- Internal communications translates into the promise made by the brand to the consumer, and what is required of them in delivering on this promise.
    Employees create and deliver the experience to the customer. Therefore, it is imperative to align them with the brand promise.
    We build and drive a culture of core values, innovation, and development.


  • Event management is considered as one of the strategic marketing and communication tools by companies of all sizes.
  • Companies create events to communicate with current and potential clients.
  • AT Vogue handles your event from conceptualisation (including the creative, technical logistical elements of the event), through to implementation.
  • Our range of services include: Launches, Promotions, Specialised Events, Internal Campaigns.


  • Our experienced team of digital media strategists  - specialise in implementing, managing and developing social media solutions for clients. 
  • We ensure overall online brand presence.
  • Digital services include:- Website development and management.

- Strategy and planning for social media campaigns.
- Platform and profile management.
- Development and implementation of social media profile pages.
- Ongoing development and planning for brand development.

Communications which comprise:

  • Excellent story telling skills
  • Creativity
  • Specialisation
  • Generalisation
  • Entrepreneurship


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